DevInfo 6.0

DevInfo 6.0 is a powerful new version of DevInfo database technology. It delivers significant enhancements for easy access to information on human development. The system has been developed under UN partnership and is distributed royalty-free to all end users. Now national statistics offices, UN agencies, donors, NGOs and civil society can all prepare reports and presentations using this common database platform.

The DevInfo system has been endorsed by the UN Development Group and is being used in many countries to help track the Millennium Development Goals and other national priorities. DevInfo 6.0 has evolved from a decade of innovations in database systems which support informed decision making and which promote the use of data to advocate for human development. The system organizes data by indicators, time periods, geographic areas and sources with extensive metadata based on international standards.

The new functional requirements of DevInfo 6.0 are in response to the experience and insights of thousands of DevInfo users around the world. These requests for enhancements and new features were reviewed and formalized by the DevInfo Field Reference Group with participation from 10 UN agencies.


User-Friendly Interface

DevInfo 6.0 harnesses the power of advanced information technology to provide powerful, user-friendly features to access and present data. The intuitive user interface provides easy navigation to browse data in many different ways and extensive methods to drill down into the details of each data value in the system.


Powerful Presentations and Reports

DevInfo 6.0 includes powerful new data presentation methods, enhanced web collaboration and extended mapping features. The system dynamically generates tables, graphs and maps from data views, allowing the user to instantly preview them. DevInfo 6.0 also includes enhanced reporting features, as well as easy-to-generate animated presentation objects such as flipbook and video options.

Another enhancement of DevInfo 6.0 is the addition of advanced data analysis tools. Users can generate tree maps, animated charts and radar charts to help easily analyze data, compare values and assess trends.


Enhanced Data Exchange and Metadata Features

DevInfo 6.0 has a data exchange module which introduces powerful data management utilities to import data into DevInfo format from industry-standard statistical software packages. The system supports MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL and SQL Server Express. Additionally, DevInfo 6.0 is backwards compatible, automatically converting DevInfo 5.0 databases into DevInfo 6.0. The system also allows for easily exporting and sharing data in many formats, such as XLS, XML, HTML and PDF.

DevInfo 6.0 is compliant with international standards for metadata. These include standards for indicator definitions, data sources and digital maps. The metadata is stored in XML format for easy sharing across platforms.

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